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Youth Technology and Jobs Project


Project Management Office Lead



  1. About the Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) Project

The Government of Jordan (GoJ) has received financing from the World Bank to implement the Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) project, which has become effective in April 2020. The YTJ project aims to improve digitally enabled income opportunities and expand digitized government services in Jordan. The project will build an impetus for private sector-led growth of the digital economy and make interventions to address specific constraints in the supply and demand sides of the digital economy. The project duration is five years. The Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) is the implementing agency of the YTJ project.

As part of Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer efforts, MODEE is seeking to hire additional team members, The Digital Transformation Task Team (DTT), to provide long-term technical expertise to implement the Digital Jordan program, including specialists in business process re-engineering, digital payments, mobile applications, API design, and other skills. This digital transformation task team (DTT) will be responsible for overseeing, aligning, prioritizing, and implementing the e-transformation and digitization of government payments projects, sequencing their execution based on their dependencies, and liaising with ministries and agencies including the Central Bank of Jordan as needed. This team will also be responsible for quality assurance of private sector and consultant deliverables.

As part of the DTT Team, MODEE is seeking to hire a Project Management Office Lead (PMO Lead), as per the following:

  1. Responsibilities of the PMO Lead

The PMO Lead will oversee management, coordination, implementation and achievement of all activities, and provide necessary technical expertise, with strategic and operational leadership to ensure program objectives are met. In particular, the PMO Lead will:

  • Provide overall strategic direction and visualization of PMO role within the digital transformation team;
  • Collaborate with the Digital Transformation Lead to define, prioritize, and develop projects.
  • Undertake detailed project planning & documentation (defining project deliverables, success criteria, dependencies, change control, risk management) including escalating risks & issues as required;
  • Plan project management, including setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning team members to various deliverables
  • Make sure alignment is achieved between MODEE’s strategy, change management plan, and current endeavors, by defining and executing the best implementation approach to achieve this alignment;
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships and coordination between partner entities to ensure a high-quality, transparent, and evidence-based program implementation and evaluation;
  • Drive the implementation efforts towards the desired goals among cross-divisional working group to ensure that deliverables, objectives and outcomes of the project(s) are achieved as specified, within timescales, to budget and agreed quality standards,
  • Ensure that quality standards are up to par with international standards applicable to each work stream;
  • Review, revise and standardize existing project management and quality assurance tools, across all projects and work streams implemented at/by MODEE’s digital transformation team;
  • Identify and assign resources and expertise needed to deliver projects (including management
  • Identify, design and implement effective and efficient systems to support the smooth implementation of all aspects of the projects of third party suppliers as appropriate);
  • Closely monitor project progress, including performance and quality;
  • Undertake duties such as: Trouble-shooting & problem-solving, including analysis of the problem & exploration of resolution options and offering specialist advice on steps necessary for project recovery & presenting recommendations to senior management;
  • Lead on development of a Risk Management Strategy of various working streams within the unit
  • Responsible for enhancing staff capacity; recruiting key staff, identifying staff development requirements.
  1. Eligibility and Minimum Qualifications
  • Minimum 10 years’ sector related experience in value chain development, market development, natural resource management, governance, alternative livelihoods, private sector development, and/or a related field;
  • Extensive experience managing multi-faceted work streams and projects;
  • Demonstrated skills in leadership, as well as strategic program design, planning, and implementation;
  • Extensive experience implementing complex development programs in high-speed, challenging environments in developing countries or post-conflict contexts;
  • Ability to respond effectively to deadlines and high pressure situations;
  • Strong understanding of key development concepts, particularly in relation to integrated programming and alternative livelihoods;
  • English fluency in written and spoken communication;
  • Ability to use initiative and work with limited supervision;
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively within an international team;
  • Demonstrated experience in research and learning;
  • Diplomatic, flexible and facilitative leadership skills with a good sense of humor;
  • High level of cultural adaptability and sensitivity;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and manage transparent and effective internal reporting systems.


  1. Education Requirements

University Degree in Business Administration or Management, ICT, CIS, Engineering or any another relevant field. Project Management certification is a plus.

  1. Duration of Assignment

The contract period is for one year, renewable up to 4 years. The Project Management Office Lead must diligently perform in a proper and efficient manner the duties set out within these TOR and any other task or responsibilities that may arise in relation to the proper management and delivery of the project.

  1. Application

Only the most qualified and suitable candidates will be invited to interviews. Interested eligible individuals may submit their application through the following link by 17 December, 2020: