Public Consultations and Surveys

The General Policy in the ICT and Postal Sectors 2018, Article (143), requires the classification and management of data held by government entities in accordance with unified classification criteria and controls on the management, use, handling and disclosure of data. The Article also requires a secure and safe storage of data.

Citizens have the right to access data, that can be disclosed, held by government entities. Therefore, and so as to ensure greater transparency, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Microsoft, partners and stakeholders from the public, private, civil society and academia have prepared a draft policy on Data Classification & Management. 

The Ministry hereby announces the launch of its public consultation on the draft Data Classification & Management policy for a period of two weeks starting Tuesday, 22/10/2019, on the Ministry's website

The Ministry welcomes your participation, comments and suggestions on the draft policy by e-mail: no later than Thursday, 7/11/2019 at 3:30 pm.

To access or dawnload the draft click here( Doc size 2011KB ، Doc type PDF )

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