Performance Monitoring and Development (PMD)

Project Management Office and Performance Development (PMOPD) PMOPD was established in the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to be an effective engine towards continual improvement, and offer different aspects of support to all directorates in the Ministry to help them achieve their strategic goals and to identify and encourage improvement where needed.

PMOPD directorate is responsible for reviewing the monitoring and evaluation findings, provide and analyse, as required, benchmarking information and disseminates information to stakeholders to facilitate evidence-based planning, learning and informed decision-making of the progress. We are responsible for preparing all achievement reports that are requested from other parties regarding the progress of any project implemented by the Ministry.

The Strategic objectives of the PMOPD are:
  • Maintain the performance level by at least 80% on the strategic and operational levels in the ministry.
  • Monitor the implementation of all internal procedures efficiently and effectively and improve and simplify annually.
  • The adoption of best practices that enhance the working environment.

The Planning and Monitoring department is responsible for preparing and reviewing "the strategic plan of the Ministry" to implement its responsibilities with the participation of top management and strategic partners, the strategic plan describes the strategic goals to be achieved during the period covered by the plan emanating from the “Jordan 2025”, public policy and national strategy of the sectors and the Ministry's vision and mission. It also describes the linkage between the goals and the strategic objectives, and the contribution of each of them in achieving the national goals, vision and mission in light of the assumptions and key success factors, which can enable the ministry teams to translate these goals into detailed annual work plans. Also the Strategic Plan describes the key performance indicators for each strategic goal, in order to measure the performance of the ministry and the progress of achieving these goals, to identify deviations and correct them.

Annual Planning:

The Planning and Monitoring department prepares the performance monitoring plans for all directorate’s projects, Monitor progress against all action plans and work plans and Potential risks are Identified and assessed, and strategies are developed to manage them in aim of control and reduction. These strategies include risk avoidance, minimize their negative effects or accept some or all of their consequences. Through the risk management process, the ministry follows the process of prioritizing, such that risks associated with large losses and have high likelihood of occurrence are addressed first compared to risks associated with minor losses and low likelihood of occurrence, which are addressed later.

  • Monitoring and analysis of efficiency and effectiveness indicators for operations:
  • Streamline of processes and continuous improvement:
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction:
  • The Department of Total Quality and Operations Management works on developing annual questionnaires that measure customers and partners’ satisfaction and finding their needs, for the purpose of continuous improvement. Also suppliers’ satisfaction is measured and improvements to the Ministry’s procedures are done accordingly. It also analyzes complaints and comments received from all clients, determine the causes, and then recommend corrective and preventive actions to the top management.

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